Holy Communion
This little girl I captioned going to the church to attend her holy communion  (Bandabou)

Bandabou(w) is where I’m located and being a legitimate Curacao-Visual Artist. Bandabou means the Lower land or Lower part ( of island Curacao-Lower Antilles or Dutch Caribbean. As oftenly mentioned, this part of the island is known for the best cultivating and recreating. It pertains the best natural beaches, old antique house-lands and family historical houses – peaceful valleys -creeks  (rainwater dams) and mountains with wild blooming trees ‘nd cactus and fruits (famous national yellow blooming  tree ‘kibra hacha) covering the mountains and hibiscus- kind but sweet cherry-trees called ‘shimaruku’) – green gardens-big charming veranda’s, diversity of birds and flamingoes and it shows to very kind people. Interesting are herewith from descendent dlave group crowd with old-skilled jobs, land/ cattle holders and craftsmen. These  last ones are story-tellers, troubadours, cultural composers and singers, best  mechanics, best planters, wood carvers, wine makers, boat builders, merchants, politicians and herb healers.   Bandabow has the old- African custom of holding it’s  traditional tongue high, thanks to certain famous culture sympatisants. This interest to preserve  along with the Islands Native Papiamentu-tongue,  means ‘talking’ is A combination of different languages, mostly derived from Spanish and Portuguese (80%) along with many African words, somewhat English and Dutch words.  Majority of population our islands take, are originated from slaves from West-Africa- until today Dutch colonised. Than soon you’ll discover mixed citizens after a while- Jews (A’dam-Israel), Portuguese(Brazil-Portugal), Winward Islands (Carib). Surinam, Venezuelan,  Libanese, India(n) Dom. Republic and Dutch,   followed immigration from Jamaica, Haiti, Columbia unto a general mix inclusive other cultures.  From former Dutch Antilles- of 6 islands -3 incorporated itself into BES-providence under Holland, while remaining Aruba-St.Maarten en Curacao  are in Autonomous state being still with Dutch rule. Curacao Willemstad (heritage UNESCO) is the  Center Businesses and Governance, the Eastern (Bandariba) settlements and man made beaches – few lanting opportunities but big acclomoration touristic Dutch dominating  Resorts and water events type businesses.   But Bandabou intents to become footed with such intentions, hopefully still to remain peace and tranquillity.

Asyla ten Holt


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