Therapy Career

Developing your Therapy Career will show a long successive one if  always be concerned how to proceed mastering the best out of it. Sometimes a startling interest would come from an instinct from within to go and develop yourself; a course 'touch for health' or 'eat green', while the urge  already was shown during your… Continue reading Therapy Career


A Ghanaian image through sunglasses from a female Antillean Artist

While being on an Arts/Cultural Orientation trip (Dec.2011/Jan.'12) in Ghana-Accra, inspirational thoughts started pouring out to express in literature. My visit to one of Tribes village plus orientation to find Joint exposure in Arts for giving workshops lead me to the Diaspora-connection. The trip was made possible by Nana Otia II ( Ghana) and our… Continue reading A Ghanaian image through sunglasses from a female Antillean Artist