Just this much about therapy career

Therapy Career will show a long successively upcoming time when more alternative healing are considered between posts-articles as important to read about; One of constant argue and always to be concerned at the development in proceed, master and shape up are holistic skills.

It starts sometimes with an instinctive thought of interest that would slightly come digging around in your mind or you’ll get an inner feeling to switch to a profession of a practitioner in alternative healing therapies. It could start with a course in ‘touch for health’- manual therapy or ‘healthy green’ practices or careers. By all means this urge of interest happens all the time and could have been a desire developed from past times, when in youth-period somewhere the thought was hanging in there. An interest that finally occur but not able to express totally.  A time where one of families were involved and you maybe joined with sessions of perhaps stretching or section of green living. And after a time this again could trigger an inner-cord to become a definite urging to do alternative healing studies. This spark of influence will later become a concern in healthy living environment and balanced body, mind and spirit, until  a sneaky part of burden in life will start at how far you should be freely choosing a career in alternative therapies when differences are about to escalate in caring system or sector. This because we’ll always confront the conventional medical part system as experience of argue when agreement is not yet set between what’s best. Notwithstanding endless number of vaccines during time and dream pills to criticize upon, still a proceed for better healthy life and good outcomes in a good sense is ultimately still on a platform with differences..

Physical therapy-  Acupuncture, Acupressure Bio-energy, Manual-therapies Occupational,  Transitional Psycho analysis Transgression therapies, Neurological or psychologically, all in a sense of naming a few, these are interesting follow ups next to traditional herb cures; Altogether instinctively passionate professions you’d directly want to involve yourself with helping on the level of emotional behaviors linked to body, mind and spirit inclusive muscle testing, nerves functions and gland system put in control as well. Transitional past trauma’s and energy weaknesses can be overcome while stress syndrome is the hardest struggle in fact.
We greatly talk about it lately.
These involvements concern us very much at how to live a happy healthy life in a proper way in a strong out-stressed world with countless medical sciences and approached alternative healing programs to stand by with investigations showing disappointing non-ensuring results.
The search for alternative’ healing is there and accepted graciously.  It’s approved and welcomed by the public and big Institutions with worlds media facilities cover full stories about these outcomes.
Until recently many conventional clinical institutions shook hands and included the holistically science somewhat to their conservative world and into practices. But the ‘Bitter Pill’ is still there when non-acceptance to alternative healing is there with ample choice-making and many stories around is pessimistically.  How much argue do we think we need so to become like ‘normal’ when for instance all certified manual therapists are included in an insured healthcare system like the physical ones’; just a small emotional-matter of example is given here.IMG_20161117_085508
Target is on both to agree on the great Stress-syndrome.  It hilariously points out  ‘the stressed out the better’, and worse, it ridiculously changed to ‘stress is always best’. Eventually the one factor (not the only) causing distress is chronic strained pains turned in ‘too many more coming’ and awfully headaches to encounter and other dominant inner pains like arthritic, diabetes. but also insomnia is on a high level, not to mention bowel syndrome and more. The type diabetes or high blood pressure are the leads with unhealthy food intake or anger lifestyle. There is a lot of preventives from searches like the ‘blood type’ investigations done and published by doctors, showing us what to do, indicating  fatty foods and diet measures or right choice inclusive sufficient exercises. Won’t we mind to speak more of poisonous food we inhabit right now as this becomes a normal daycare!. Will we still need more time to work on all the malicious encountering bad habits to finally alternatively change our mindset next to a more righteous cover healthcare plan?
Clearly we will need to keep constant pressure on what we want to change. And again, another unfortunate stress resolution to unleash is when working 10 hours behind the computer without physical movement or rolling eye exercise. We can’t maintain healthy when following famous carpal syndrome starts hurting and teary tired red eyes will show. Strained neck, shoulders, buttock, calves and ankles cannot hold but hurting. Until undergo nervous breakdowns and inner irritations will follow, while find little time for alternative ways like sporting in lunch hours or after work. Blocks and stained wastes can’t flush easily when fast food enter the abdominal center included what is happening already to the inner body.  But there are always opportunities and ultimately will change devastating moods and behaviors (like more sense for sex will appear). Eventually the therapist is calmly waiting to give a patiently holistic treatment, of course with ultimate indication of the doctor when needed.
But suppose we’re still in a disappointingly inappropriate fixed up position followed by hesitating belief on diagnosis to start with? There are literally causing damages because of all those chronic pains – muscles and ligaments or other systematic adapting pains on long term not resolving but until then causing brain function. Finally the whole immune system will lack proper functioning and ‘to have to take those pills (acidic) again’;  Are these not our concern?
Understandable is the good TIME and MONEY that will adapt to change ways and will always determine how fast the switch to alternative healing will have to get to make the entrance to togetherness- a good choice to rescue severe ill-being, recognize and longevity will celebrate; The detox and flush the inner impurities in proper ways follows and condition will holistically be granted by chance of hands of therapists. Hydrated irregularities, concerns with connecting gland-system that leads to emotional cause when altering in anger can far way be helped alternatively.
cropped-img_20171125_182548.jpg I’m a senior now, enliven my past freelanced Certified Massage Therapist experiences next to being Art therapist. My ample studies included since the 70’s a diverse body, mind and spirit-care and healthy bio-living until I found my way into Shiatsu, Sports and Breathing and Body-stretching. The most therapy-experiences from visits were involvement with doctor advises to visit alternative therapist.
Priorities Studies include muscles, glands, nervous system and the meridians, which are the body energy centers to literally improve inner system.  So we already adapt a real hard look since then to holistic approach-system and went around the world to treat both acute and chronic medical conditions along with  Eastern Therapies as well.
While with these interests- the love for Visual Arts and Rhythmical  Poetry felt like another functional blessing and visualized behavioral therapy underwent with a keen eye at clarify changing morals and character – a choice of interest coming  from a past background with Alternative Healing practices.
Healing therapies need a constant upgraded trusting support and specialization to new forms. While the sociological approach is constant researched, emphasizing people’s health matters and influence is on good quality healthcare system when visited clients are intuitively observed, analyzed and have diagnostic right approach to treatment.
Restore a happy future living means, when trauma culminate in strong emotionally outburst, it can’t be ignored. And while we’re finding a new world to open up to faithful counseling work
or licensed mental or body health professionals that can help clients improve their lives, develop better cognitive and emotional skills, reduce symptoms until  illness seems diminish, the chance seems we can handle it.  I’m a little fragment who coped with various challenges to release the killing strain or knots that hide behind edges of muscle and ‘clumps’ that cry out the need for therapy; It’s a matter of reassuring what we can handle in a minor fix on a small scale coordination.

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