Therapy Career

Developing your Therapy Career will show a long successive one if  always be concerned how to proceed mastering the best out of it. Sometimes a startling interest would come from an instinct from within to go and develop yourself; a course ‘touch for health’ or ‘eat green’, while the urge  already was shown during your youth-time to be  the only one in family  interested for the alternative healing because of a Yogi  in the family. This interest could be a follow-up in later life, means develop this holistically well while becoming concerned to a healthy  balanced body, mind and spirit,  notwithstanding sneaky-incoming  burdens of private life.  A  career-making will soon learn the responsibilities about caring. Therapies of the Physio-  Bio-  Manual-  Occupational, Neuro- and other interesting -Therapies are instinctively passionate professions in my opinion.
On the other hand, globally we are very much concerned about how to live healthy and still countless medical investigations will show disappointing outcomes as many say. The search for alternative’ is there and is being  welcomed and approved by the public. Until recently many clinical institutions start shaking hands to include the holistically world together with conventional practises. But we’re not quite there yet, and especially the ‘working together’ seems a Bitter Pill to swallow by some. Let’s not be so pessimistic and stressful about it though.  Talking about  the great Stress-syndrome, it was always being pointed out ‘the stressed the better’, but has culminated in one of mischievous wrongdoing of the body now. Eventually the  one factor (not only) from it is caused strained pains and headaches, but  contribute to other chronically illnesses as well, even to one type diabetes  or  high blood pressure. To prevent, one should not overwork itself, a cheerful thought, but  hard to do. Besides, it’s not easy not eat fatty foods and not doing sufficient  exercises. Getting all this pointed out, more leisure time releases stress is a common thought!  But we still need more time to relax! Working constantly behind the computer gives the famous carpal syndrome, tired red eyes, strained neck, shoulders, buttock, calves and ankles which ultimately will change your whole behavior (even not feeling for doing sex). Disappointingly will turn to sporadic other pains causing damage to ligaments  and other systematic pains while not thinking straight. Finally the whole immune system  will lack proper functioning then ultimately taking pills (acidic).  When THERE IS NO TIME  to  flush the inner impurities properly, bowel-syndrome starts, hydrating irregularities, concerns with muscles, tendons and bones mal-functioning and stomach aches (ulcer), altogether the emotions alter. When it comes to severe stress the Therapist can unleash the whole body from this burden  Also the famous whiplash  can be treated by a therapist, the doctor indicates this. A  Certified Holistic or Alternative Therapist can have it’s own practise indicating its skill or work for a healing center or Spa.
In my case I’m a freelancer,  and my concern is always handling the tired muscles: how to release the trigger points, those tough doughs in a most proper way.  My occupations started with flowing body workouts, studying the muscles, glands, nervous system and the meridians, which are the body energy centers to release and unblock burden. Following the  mastering  healing hands with Reiki, studying the Chakra Eastern Therapies included Shiatsu, besides  my profession as Art painter. I occupy also with endlessly scribble down behaviors, morals and characters and express visually.  You could say I’m a Certified Hobbyist earning some money.
 Healing therapies need to  be updated and upgraded constantly,  specialicialize to new forms of healings and the sociological appearance of the client needs to be intuitively observed and concerned to vigilance on behaviors to have a certain diagnostic evidence, with in mind the approach of right therapist to get the treatment,
Simultaneously a diet can  be suggested by the holistic therapist and a scheme-procedure for exercises.  Finally a Bioenergetic treatment or Transformational- one can also be offered after strong emotionally outbursts or when ask for it. Art-therapies are much favored as well.
Likewise a Sports Therapist is more affiliated to the Physical Therapist, and assumable can work more efficiently together. The Sports Therapist has ample study on how to treat injuries on tendons, plates and muscles like biceps and quadricep, nervous strains causing the vertebra, painful knots, tennis arms, ankle and heels damages. The most exciting career in my opinion is to join a teamwork and go about giving treatments to Marathon players during the Olympic Games. That will be the day!
In the mean time the satisfaction arise, when trigger points are being cleared and released from killing strain of  knots that hide behind eyes and edges of muscle clumps when well-done kneading finally occur.
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