ART&THERAPY-Asyla ten Holt
Asyla resides on the Nrd. coast of the island in Bandabow-Curacao (born in Cher Asiel in 1953) at Tera Cora where she has her working place. 

She paints, does creative writings and is a free lance certified Massage therapist with an overall knowledge of specialization therapy-works  

inclusive being a Reiki master.      In past-time she was the only child in family showing interest in the practice of Yoga during family sessions. 

Afterwards being in Holland (’69-’81) for studies, she got interested in the Egyptian Exercises incorporated in the Mazdasnan movement where 

emphasis was also shown for practical breathing techniques and healthful nutrition. Consequently Asyla started being interested in Meridian studies 

and did Touch for Health at Hof van Axen in Drenthe. While these varieties of healing techniques prospered, the domination for the Arts came into her young 

life and she joined  the Centrum Voor Schone Kunstsen in Eindhoven. She developed this skill and later in time continued Conceptual Studies at Tilburg Art-University.

Back home to Curacao, Asyla started giving stretching exercises at the local Bario-centers in Curacao and Bonaire as well as paintings. 

This latter profession she kept more to the foreground until in the 90’s when she got interested to continue with the meridian(energy centers in body)- practices and enter the 

organization of Mahikari, a Japanese spiritual purification-Center in Miami, where she practiced and became inaugurated to treat customers with clumsiness 

or spiritual attachment. Nowadays clumsiness can also be removed by variety of other treatments using bio-energy and or Chakra healing and other treatments. 

During the focus on Arts and Healing with giving practices of Yoga-therapy- sessions at Hilton Resort-Habitat/Kura Ulanda/St.Catharina Resort and other areas, the Creative Writing also started developing  and Asyla was continuously scribbling down 

behaviors and morals of life in narrative form. While working with her Arts&Prose and Educating kids ‘Visualization and Art’, still referring to Healing, Asyla’s interest grew to become Reiki Master

and practiced at Pyramid Top Curacao in 2000. Gradually with this she continued studies at Institute for Therapy Massage Curacao and became Certified Therapist for Bodyworks, Zen-Shiatsu, Aroma-therapies and Anatomy. A Self-supported Artist was not always easy to maintain a life.   Nowadays Asyla is an Art painter, studies Afro-Caribbean and American Poetry (she produces  booklets on poetry and short writings of her own for her Art-Exhibits) 

and is a free lancer therapist and accepting workshop projects (also globally).           Asyla is to be reached at: or

Her mobile number is: 0-599-9-5268813 – Her Arts – website is :


 All rights reserved-Asyla ten Holt

January 2013


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