CLEAN UP FROM ’10 TO ’11-THEN ’12 and than to ’13……’14…..,,,

Nowadays obligation for most our citizen is the need to want to become more politically skeptical and involve oneself with colony-question and play smart; Things need changing for good intent (whatever it is). There is a keen eye on what exactly is going on inside the Dutch Antilles  …et cetera et cetera..

integration-asyla ten holt
integration-asyla ten holt


all rights reserved/Asyla ten Holt- in booklet prepare 2015/corrected 12-6-2014/corrected- 27 July 2013/corrected October 10-10-10


  1. Can I say Amen or Ashe or Namaste. All praised due to the mosth high critical eye.
    My wish: The way its written i would love to see a painting expressing all these feelings.
    Heavenly would be on the walls of Fort Amsterdam. Abrenunsia.

    1. A friendly smile for the day can’t stay away as I read your remark and wish. The creative written part taken from the well, can get sculpted in repeated mantra-paintings and give a- on and on and on-reflexion of sparkling lights, images, tones and divine purities with trusting sounds of colors, barricading the walls in an ever promising lesson, not to spill ‘the never-land’ with candies again in small Amsterdam’ taking ‘us’ for stupid. One thing though to promise, I’d like you to open this brilliant exhibition with your best creative majestic-skill of prose, re-enforcing the good deed at this big ‘fiesta’ of soul, body and mind- resuscitation in 2014.

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