Emancipation day and or Flag Day in Curacao 2nd, July 2015

love liveIn our Papiamentu (native tongue)and inside the ‘pueblo’,  people will always talk about ‘dia di bandera’ Flag day and not ‘ dia di emansipashon’, not Emancipation day. Only on the Touristic attractions menu for the outside world would Emancipation day annex Flag Day be mentioned; This somewhat confuses when in  countries’ independency stands for Emancipation  on a Flag day. 

The British Caribbean former colonies and many American and African states took the initiative, first presented by Ghana and had claimed the Emancipation day to be as important within the Diaspora. Variety  programs will remember the importance of being emancipated in a black community and festivities will expand to more than one day oftenly. This day is reserved to celebrate  the faith and longing for emancipation after abolish of slaves of African descent. Flag Day is than for another occasion for most.The remembering final achievement of independency.

If we closely define and reflect  on our Emancipation day, we can bring forth the motives coming from our past history into present to why it’s also very important to us in Curacao and ultimately question the ‘why only has achieved the ‘Autonomous’ state’. 50% self-mastery amd the rest given orders from Dutch Kingdom thus not completely Autonomous?  

Admittedly we can refer to one claimed historical occurrence that tried set freedom already. That’s the ‘Tula”slave in past 1800’s,  that brought forth the first revolt against the inhumanity system occasioned by colonial system; A first trail that will lead to continuing raising issues and critics plus protests to future coming times  by famous and brave leaders, hailing new era of emancipation over and over again. So why the brightening the minds, flash lightening identities to self mastering dependency from an anti-colonial struggle and segregation? Why  from dramatists, song-writers,  and spiritual leaders. We can recall political heroes starting from Dr Da Costa Gomez up to the ultimately assassinated Helmin Wiels who supported in all political fields to change minds and attend corruption and devision. He’d gone to the extreme by deepening into the  masquerade of colonial system to defend the poor and opened the gate to wider emancipation. Women like late- Joceline Clementia, honoring the ladies’ group, begged for equal rights and fighting on intellectual level. She had used  literature- the Papiamentu- to promote prose, science, arts, music, history and politics in such a way to let understand humanization and emancipation inside her nation. On early mid-age she past away, but her spirit remains with us well enough to defend  further  emancipation in our community -going now  for a life span of  50 years.

Even If we have to assure ourselves being half way free-half way dependent because of  colonial soft system –  the ‘freedom is to serve and develop in unique sense of unity and not divisively as we are. The Flag can be finally separated from Emancipation Day or come as one in equal understanding. An  assurance for this emancipated civilization- and nation-of white-colored and black people-  migration-workers and investors. We mustn’t hide – put steps aside.  Watch our prejudiced minds and guilt and give especially our youth the education it need plus provide opportunities inside their clean environment;  Raise them to quality leaders and let them understand the socio-economical, physical- and spiritual endeavors to look for and innovate their uniquenes

It’s time to celebrate Emanacipation Day highly and truly to giving Flag day and recognize our multi culti- Emancipation.

Asyla ten Holt. All rights reserved

voyage to the inside

Asyla ten Holt

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