Not resigning on souvereignity

I remember surfacing inside my memories and hanging on, I stop to evidence your whereabouts in my country. I swift, cross and confront your loyal position urgently filled with prompt last minutes expositions, dragged by others conscientious crowned in their seats with traditional ambush through elective tread and cross overs while you’re in that same chair as result of a quick spar. Questions arose how it ended up you becoming there- circling when competence put a grip on your bait with coin machines making you confident to let them in as well. With one way trail you became their slave while agreed to wear their fancy cloth. You’re so well at placing not resisting and not cut off the rope – but encourage- rescue- mesmerized traditional position with your buddy same vibes, a crap style that can never build solid walls but damage unnoticed souls. Put them to pay and become victims. But it’s you, non-supportive one, into this have become the brilliant resulting – utterly stumbling with non-soft smile which can’t resist  but must give itself the fault. No other but you to be. That’s why I’m not resigning on sovereignty.

Asyla ten Holt-13 september 2016


clear bottles
botlles and beads by Adi Figaroa

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