Asyla ten Holt – a Visual artist/author promotes herself indoors and online. A selection of paintings can be admired and offered at her Atelier in Tera Kora area-Kaya Pieda Machu 37 in countryside of Bandabou.-Curacao. Her aspiration is continuous looking for answers within a community with diverse attractive opinions and uses it as outlet for innovative Art; Addressing issues are gaining outlets for  mental transformation when drawing narrative aspects from a complex Contemporary Culture. Her driving force as self supported woman is to enhance her value and want to belong in the Dutch-Caribbean by uplift this core strength derived from historical events.

With gained inspiration and expectations for change, this first prose-book has been published (past rhythmic poetical illustration works were presented in Solo-Art exhibitions) to lay out vulnerable aspects in repeated styles of dominions in community. The moods from both lower and upper trends of identities and nature-preserving are extracted in a segregated manner – the one aspect holds on to survive, struggle with emancipation and against corruptible attitudes while the other end feels for complete comfort and need total distance from daily ongoing debacle and political arguments. The commodity is stay in a fancy lure onto righteous unevenness that holds  divisiveness in conservative huge richness of capitalism in control. Only during election, hell breaks loose on both sides, looking for defense in Kingdom. Then with entering an intermezzo,  both  nature lovers need the  freedom in recreation as to express.

Respondent to Author’s resource works and daily facing facts, awareness evaporates constantly. The majority in black-community, living for less is not a trajectory-aspect of a minutes’ capture film, but employs ‘centuries of debacle, controversies and skeptical activists’ heroism. The question arises: Have we now intellectually end with twists in the Kingdom showing more flexible attitude to progress together after ultimate election??

The expressions in Asyla’s Visual Arts and Prose writings are aimed to encourage equality – be part of societies’ development with voluptuously offered choices, even if in a strong ethnic diverse mingled culture.So creating potential extraction of opportunities with distinguish flavors are favored.

(Publisher  Author House. Donated by Prins Bernhard Funds for Dutch Caribbean and Polishing works done by F. Olivieira in Surinam.)

Proceeding promote this non-fiction Prose book in English, the 36 pages humorously written pieces illustrated with beautiful images (photos and paintings) can be ordered at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Good reads and Publisher Author House-England /USA etc.

With the Author Holt,  Launching the book goes by ways of organizing travels (Eur.-USA-Carib-L.A) linked with Authors’ Funark foundation existing  28 years promoting Arts/Culture. Asyla’s  interest is attend with collective traditional heritage. The narratives are focused on the ‘strength of the women’, as well ‘settled heritage’ and ‘political tradition toward somewhat gained then disrupted currency on societies’ emancipation’ and finally ‘nostalgia with overwhelm and excite for culture and nature’.

For sponsoring the travels can purchase also direct from the Visual Artist and Author Holt plus is offering self-made Exquisite Jewel-stones and Monographs plus Workshops for 2017. A visit can be paid at her place with a call 0-5999-5268813 and or atenholt002@gmail.com for ordering.sku-001108318





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