This December I’m rocking – entering Offices with my fresh Sorrel tea, blending the Assistants and Bosses asking 1 minute- of their 8 hours-time on their job.  This delightful ‘Red in blend’ -tasting for Boosting Up Your Energy with one zip or two – is one of my healthy promotions around December when in its Bloom. (once a year)DSC00190        It occurs to me this so-called  Jamaican Flower ( Jamaica/Colombia flower carried from Ancient Africa) that Grows just around the corner and Cultivated In My Garden in Bandabou. Several years ago I was kindly introduced to this wonderful Herb or Flower like Hibiscus or Cranberry ( also in Zinger tea) at ‘Bo Salu den Bo Kura” session-meetings. Means: ‘Find Your Health in your own Garden’ with endless ‘green’ information. So since then I became overwhelmed with this one of kind. DSC00196(1)

Spontaneously since last year, I started promoting this plant by spreading 300 seeds around to friends and families through its dedication was immense while cultivating. Secondly, with fresh tea, you can also let dry the petals for the following months. Our folks in St.Martin make Liquor with the petals in December Holidays and cold drinks. It has many healthy potentials like boosting up your energy, hangovers, high blood pressure and just a delighted drink.

Pretend 2018 to Be An Awesome and stunned New Year again while in meditation tasting this tea and adjust for a healthy body and marvelous taste of mind. You have just one chance! So get your seat straight and permit me your entrance and I’ll explain while zipping freshly nature in red. Just feel the pureness in presence of this tea-break and I’ll have just a hint of your time. DSC00213My First Office stop, allowing me to introduce this wonderful tea was at PIRAMID TOP in Menegrandeweg 2 in Rio Canario right here in Curacao. 

                I poured and let taste while put the pen down. Until a great SMILE.

DSC00212_LI (2)

I was privileged with visiting this Mindful Company with stunned Health Activities belonging to Entrepreneurial Owner Melly Bergland /Neuro-Psychologist/Linguist and Performance Coach dedicating to nutrition and mental activities–and more than 20 years being Active with his  Neuro Fitness and Wellness Center establishment– working out the muscles with his Gym-section, slimline the fatty sides coaching programs or appoint for body and mind therapy-sessions and Self Promoter.DSC00217

Also lately we can see self-publishing booklets of ‘Bukito‘ (at their Office or Bookstores). These sparkling self-made Informational  Guides lead you to the exact program-line at how to master every days’ functional body with a diversity of meals and drinks and start preparing for 2018. DSC00233

That’s how it is when going on a path with Positive strength. Changing ideas and come up with a SMILE. You will encounter just exactly what you’d wish to have and for free. Let me know if you need more details on this article:

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