Rocking my way to the gathering ‘Bo Salu den Bo Kura’/Your health in your garden’.

I’m privileged again rocking my Sorrel to places where I know I will be most welcome. This time last Sunday, on an easy drive speed-no hasty traffic, no cars honking at me-  I made my way to one of these gathering-sessions  ‘Bo Salu den bo Kura (your health in your own garden).  These talk-meetings plus possibilities for micro farmers/gardeners to offer their products to visitors- give us all opportunity to indulge into the gifted knowledge that is offered about benefits and to know how to cure with our own traditional habits and herbs maintained from centuries ago. With many favorite informational knowledge, firstly walking through the fields- especially after bountiful rain- we gather information on how to use our own traditional weeds, bushes-herbs-fruits, and vegetables and what the qualities are. No one less is touring us than Reinald Leito,-managing the informational talks and also is Manager for many years of the ‘Forever Living Products Caribbean LLC’.

It’s here where I visit these Herbal and Workshop Meetings since so many years, where huge crowd gather, to taste, get demonstrations and people also give their testimonials.

One day, long time ago in a heavy rain, I quickly stepped through their doorway in another meeting and immediately got myself offered a cup of red tea while more people poured inside the building.  Drinking this in my damped clothes with sudden stillness while tasting, I reminded myself of some past moments then I replied with a ‘thank you’:  ‘Why is this tea tasting so good. Almost like my favorite tea bags ‘ Zinger tea’.  And that’s where it started, being introduced to Sorrel.


From one dry seed-pod (little seeds in-capsuled) they’d given me that day,  a dimension of blooming time opened up and today in time has given me the opportunity to testify about the enormous experience and privileges encountered while with growing-process of the so-called Hibiscus or Cranberry flower of Sorrel.  With this special remembrance, I came to know more of potentials from this energizing petaled Red Flower. Its a gifted plant.

Benefits are for tiredness, weakness and other symptoms like anemia. But also high blood pressure, and cholesterol, good for digestive system, boost up the immune system,  inflammatory issues, liver problem, and spasm in the stomach and more interested is seen in research for Cancer symptoms.

The interest in Cultural Traditional- and Natural Herbal Cures as relied upon to maintain the health,  is growing in the Organizing sessions ‘Bo Salu den Bo Kura’ and explains thoroughly about habits, prevention, diagnosis, improvement of the remedies in the talks by Reinald Leito. But also Richenel Ansano, a Heritage Consultant and Trans-Cultural Healer,  better named as our popular Cultural Heal and Herb Connoisseur with many professions, spoke about Influences of Traditional Cures surrounding us in outdoors and will engage to become more interesting according to International co-partnering promoters in discussions. In all the promotional herbal and body treatment-studies, the fact that we’re in the Era of Traditional Self cure, there is more and more time consume in studies for natural herbs and their providing support to ailments since recognition oftheir effectivemess in present.

In the meantime I’d stationed myself with my gentle mouthful Speech on Sorrel to start with-the story goes back to actually coming from Slave transiting and grown in Jamaica and rest the Caribbean and some of our Gardens. The fact that this specialty of Sorrel blooms roughly around December Holidays meant I’m privileged around here to go about introducing it to my friends, families, and interests to use for detoxing.

SO I was the first to steal the show before the other participants came forward to introduce their specialties from their exposed stalls as vegetable growers-herbalists and self-made producers.  

I got up early morning for my presentation. With my speech, I let taste and spread the seeds from my latest harvest. Then let everyone get some tea or cool drink mixed with ‘Shimaruku’, a local cherry type (boil together and let cool then fridge.


With the Support of Cultural Health Growth interest while maintain the meaning of it, we have to hold tight to new improvements and captivate other  practices within our Cultivating Caribbean and study.  Our ancient folks used to gather ’till to this day- though in less quantity- healing ingredients like my grand folks from Upper wind Islands used to do  to make liquor and cold drinks.  From this cultivated Sorrel they mixed it with ginger, all spice and cinnamon;  fresh flowers or dried and stored. We maintained also the traditional Moby- popular root-drink and Guava-berry.

SO time has come to show my gratitude and great encouragement coming from those times from shared knowledge about herbs and their benefits to us, the crowd.

As we stood there at the outside-event after having a round tour in search for special potentials in the green growing plants- my turn for my speech finally came. Afterwards, I offered to taste a cup of my tea, also handed over a self-made Christmas Sorrel- Card with garden fresh Sorrel as appreciation for this chance.

                                                     And finally a hand went high up.


A BIG CHEERS for all who contributed and best wishes to make continuity in 2018 as great and to accomplish and accommodate with lots of information.

2018 will open with its first New Years’ session of ‘ Bo Salu den Bo Kura’  to continue on 21st of January. (see also Facebook page Reinald Leito).

DSC00270    Ultimately we need 2018 to bring us Prosperity- send out signals of Gratitude in return and Great Blessings.

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