HEARTBREAKING UNITY. You’re the digger of gold, inventor of railroad and the other sort holding The money ghost persisting-hunting. and inventing on more discovery to boosting up the bacteria with remedying plea. Your first aid since history had fed a prosperous united establishment and agreed in distanced time a recalling battle winning with heartbreaking urge to freedom. Supposed it served on your prosperity with ancestors battered fore-heads resembling equality, but rather respectfully connection was not built up for this. But with patrons from oversees, tingling fingers to profiting trade-pattern were casual keeping the world still safe and maintain minds uncleanched, join force into New United World in oceans wide for Capital Peace and not War. Asyla Holt / All rights reserved (Raw product: for Prose Bundle ‘Heal yourself then Heal others-Asyla Holt).

Countryside with Top mountain Christoffel in distance
the brush

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