As we reach March 2018 Plans are developing into a more meaningful structure and from recourses to proceed, create chances for an Artist in constant search.

 I thought I’d start off in my own neighborhood asking for space at different localities so I can re-establish contacts leading to my working place in Bandabou-Tera Korra area.  So I got this first exposure offered at the Bakery on the Main road nearby.  I was given a separate side-cornered space, past wide windows to put an Art Object and Informative link, so people will know about one of their Artists living close by and at their Service– whether for a Children Art Plan or work on Commission or their Visit will be most welcome. Furthermore, there is constant Tourists’ traffic on the island visiting Bandabou or staying in one of many small Resorts. Many buy their everyday’s’ fresh local bread here and perhaps now an interest in Arts.

                                               Panaderia Paraguana-Tera Korra


The way an Artist precede, scheduling bigger plans goes through a pre-program eye-catching purpose; A notice of upcoming announcement- like Solo-Exhibition or Online Auction–this latter my desire and with ‘I am made in Curacao’ Organization to realize. This en route-way is a big nonprofit first-hand work around an artistically Solo-ship’.   A kinda gambling-effort before you can really see some profit.                                                          DSC00793


AS I’M MOVING AROUND SPACE my second search was for my Prose writings – a colored illustrative cover book which was launched outdoors last year. See my And  this year with first Radio program announcement ‘ I am made in Curacao’ please visit new site:   Another site is:      

                            Indoors Launching Project and Bookstore purchasing   


                     Enliven emotions at     ‘Bruna’ Bookstore in Zuikertuintje Mall in Curacao

is the location where can get this full colored Prose writing and if you’re on organizing or have an idea let me know for Launching possibilities or review programs.



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