A Catchy Display (for Arts Education)

Collage works AtHolt at Land house Klein Sta.Martha-Bandabou-Curacao

January 2019 is the first precious month of the year with few surprises. Every start has a sort of restraining or faulty look; Just let it all stroll along to reaching precious number 12 – the ‘lastly’ month, then strengthen all gains and goals of year with blasting festivities to let it all end in a splashing variety of entertainments and even drilling traditional drum-play.

So now in January, surprisingly some like me, get lured by the idea that it all needs starting fresh again with new ideas and clean programs, but sometimes it keeps you waiting to strike off with a good project. Others are just satisfied with simpler glimpsing on mastering a clear vision and soon to proceed in the Creativity, steering the brand of promotional Arts/Culture to see where it will strand.

 Collage work-AtHolt

It’s not unlikely a trip at planning but similar catching a plane and not knowing ahead of time for possible stranding at the airport. There are full of surprises within the Arts that discourages sometimes, especially after tremendous effort and not getting a ‘penny’ out of it. Then there is still a freeway to reflect upon in advance, yet lots of encouragement is needed to simply get it out there especially on reminding the begging effort to be curtailed due to lack of funds. Still, a good plan is needed after the Holidays and resilience to stand out good with doubling up effect and advantages, at least a new coat of strategy.

Cozy corner-Landhouse Klein Sta. Martha

Whilst you can’t shiver away from any inspiring thought- it has to show up quickly and flow fluently onto cross over passage from past to present time, and get accustomed to severe times of cold winters like across the Atlantic in England, Holland or Germany. Notwithstanding, these are filled with highly Museum arrangements, attractions, visiting restaurants and fashion-shows. A way further in Abu Dhabi as the coldest month they’re inspired with lots of activity vibes in the Arts. Turkey can have cool excitements and on exotic Madeira, with the coldest weather in the first month, there are broad Entertaining and Art Projects. Majorca as coolest breeze giver offers lots of artistically and Animated Arts.

So what about seeking nearby the USA – New York with diverse Culture Centers, exciting Arts developments hovering around and squandering Funds, all on custody of arts developments and artists functions. Perhaps competing in Januaries’ cold with warm diverse culture from Asia as well. Landing in Cool then in our hot Caribbean, it is occupied with plenty of colorful Arts/Crafts and what about the Pacific to be the hottest time of year. Every island is almost ready preparing for the Festivals-like here in the Caribbean. Fly over to New Zealand and get a cool pleasant water temperature in midst of January while experience grassroots Arts and Craft-gathering. And what a pleasure to return to the creative travel-page of Suriname’s’ sunshine mixed with rainfalls-rivers and adventurous Amazon Forest to inspire Photographers and within the Cities inspiring writers, artist, crafters, and weavers get their fully promotion. So what about us in Dutch Antilles.

I needn’t say sorry for my light bumping the head not getting inspirational stream of luck because when suddenly you see sunshine glistering through a waterfall, its a guaranteed catching the glimpses for further resurrection in life. Same with Businesses when January starts off with inventory, The sales and trade for new coming Volkswagen 2019 in Rabbit-style will vent along in a real deal with booming effect and adventures planning ahead counting the heads for thousands of other kinds a ‘pesetas’ calling the ‘yen’ – dollars’ and euro’s. Its a good planning with the Arts that evolve mindfully and Creatively in place, yet it’s going to hang on a string in a repeated stumping speech- so better make up my mind, make haste, set up a strategy, start getting the picture and don’t slack off.

Land house Kl.Sta Marts (here side corner) for your stay, restaurant and diverse of Arts

Go for the busiest, the craziest and gracious trusting believe that things will work well: And easily put the washing machine on brand new Communities’ endeavor and fill empty spaces- be able to get Funds for activities and coaching programs, and become a frisky roadmap like a lion in the savanna smooth tapping soft green grass going off to maintain itself on the Creative race field- the Cooperative and Independent so-called Brand-structure like an artist. And before going off voluntarily, fundraising needs a catchy slogan to attract, promote and to achieve.

Asyla Holt –



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