The barbero Cali

If you need a haircut and keep your beard in good shape, I recommend Cali Barbershop in the village of Barber in Bandabou North Western part of Curaçao. Our young entrepreneur Cali, a great gentleman with his home place a few miles further away from Barber-village, runs his shop in the most exited main center here where the Cultural parade events yearly marches through the long main road with their caravans coming from hilly roads down to the center. Another great atmospheric event is the Sundays Barber Market open to visitors from all ground and afar. Furthermore, you’ll have the everyday’ customary local bakery, the school areas and sports field, Chinese groceries and famous 4th of July corner snack bar and terrace from owners from Bandabou. Crossing the street is the Park ‘Hoffie’ Pastor and next the Catholic Authentic Church and cemetery.

The area has Bank facilities and around the corner coming back on this main area you’ll find Cali- a customary Barbershop to cut our men’s hair in all the styles and shape they desire. An appointment necessary.

Yes, that’s Cali
He too likes to stroll around the ‘ambience’ of events when it’s the season and to walk the long road to meet the crowd, stretch the legs, listen to the parade-music, and look at the colorful clothing while have a chat to the ones that knows him as owner- the young entrepreneur that created a space long time ago in Barber and settled there, now faithfully opens his door to his nearby customers and far away ones for a haircut well done.

He’s not sitting still. He tries to get it done. And has no soft muscles either. He sports and weight lifts and his hobby is also photography.

The Gentlemen’s haircut, the gem in Barber is celebrating it’s next 4th of June on Tuesday, and to be 13 years in this business.

Bravo for these young entrepreneurs who are exercising their passion and where the clients allow Cali a quick lunch before their cut again. You’ll find him than at the snack ‘4th of July,’ after which ready to trim again. Patiently they sit in the blue atmosphere decorated with fine letters, balanced with his equipment while a haircut or shave is done and customers are happy.

Asyla ten Holt

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