Register and Open the Creative-Door.

Officially Funark Center opened the doors to Kids/Adults Creative programs and started presenting projects for 2020. Also, stationed center invites outdoors artists in 2020 with challenging motivation to work in semi-rural Bandabou in Curacao at Community Centers and also this site’s neighborhood. (after schools)

Funark In-residence and center Tera Korra
Funark In-residence and Center Tera Korra

The purpose with ongoing Creative projects is to uplift and sustain Creativity and motivate youngsters and elders in the countryside with big youths agglomeration. Furthermore to love their involvement in developing Art/Crafts & Perform skills and cultivating these positively. It’s a voluntarily working challenge for self-change esteem. With assist funding-needs, the application process in periodically terms when attracting outdoors contacts can even more contribute to overcome dullness of areas and bring more innovation to neighborhoods. Thus bring new ideas by exchange programs to proceed into a healing arts process, endeavor studies and botany culture.

Info and form application at: or


The interest with the Open house center to encourage and introduce activities’ program in 2020 in the neighborhood had a start-off with registering indoors program for leaders from community centers until 9th of December 2019 visiting the residence and see their plan. Afterwards great interest went including creative after schools in Bandabou. Discussions went on nowadays urge to motivate kids and give more discipline and carry on in a most playful way culturally. To get their attention and prevent from going into a sleep instead put them in creative dreaming position and dare to enhance their skills.

Community Centers have ample working spaces – as well the Funark Center in Tera Korra with big garden and shaded sites to animate or work. Providing tools are there to use for arts and writing. And for the ones researching the area there are quiet spaces to meditate while accommodation for one or two persons is cheaply offered or with Fund.

Sustainability in Creative activities is greatly needed for kids. Halfway will especially help build a commitment community.

Opening in November 2019 was accompanied by sponsored drinks and snacks and two small paintings went for companies’ after fund inquiries plus we had great support from community.

Courtesy Coca Cola

Thanking Coca Cola that gave new ‘Minute maid juice’ a wonderful drink

Courtesy Kentucky

and Kentucky Fried Chicken surprised with some baskets ‘finger-licking good’ fried receipt.

Hosting lead,

Funark Center,

Asyla ten Holt, reaches out to established visual artists, writers and researchers with experiences to work in recycled installation works, visual arts and Prose incorporate with outdoors languages to interchange with Papiamentu. Also perform artists we welcome.

Information: and whatsapp: 059995268813 Asyla ten Holt Organizer and hosting Funark.Coach

Our first 2019 EVENT and INVITE :

Sombra, writer, Sranan-speaker in prose. In Community Center Soto ( Sentro di Bario Soto Creatively in an alphabet order will guess rhythmical verbs in Sranan to translate to Papiamentu. 20th of November 2019 for Kids/youngsters 5 pm to 6.30 Free of charge and 21st November for Elders 10 am to 11.30 free of charge


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Mr.Sombra (shadow)

E N T R A D A   T A    G R A T I S

All rights reserved Funark Activities Bandabou 2019-2020

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