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Walk and talk in Jan Kok

Bandabou is an interesting rural area with lots of attraction around. In this country-side, the number one attractive Flamingos area in our ancient salt lakes in Jan Kok will need no further explaining, It’s another world from normal with its beautiful scenic view and healthy atmosphere which gives an indulgent feeling of satisfaction. Walking further down on this district road called Willibrordus, you’ll reach at a t-junction where the only Williwood cafeteria is located at the corner, a touristic meeting point and terrace, where you can enjoy overlooking wide parts and this is the where the salt lake starts. A fabulous real tranquil spot without need to talk too much but just to be present and capture the extravaganza of totality that gives freedom only at overlooking the tremendous wide scenery post – full of nestling flamingos residing there in early morning. When decide to tiptoeing and walk the inner paths to get closer, it’s because the soft breeze carries you along there to experience the pure and solemn realm of total stillness along with the intention of want to take pictures. Your whole being standing there in the middle of nowhere will suddenly experience nothing but peace. An enjoyable feeling passes over you in this sudden standstill of the earth and noticeable is how patient and tranquil the flamingos are and clever enough to keep an eye on their easy meals with their heads upside down in slow motion walking until curving their long necks and their beaks resting in their feathers and legs tilted halfway after they had their long meals in the salt lake gathering worms. These beautiful rose creatures are expecting no danger when accustomed to the crowd coming around viewing them and taking pictures. But they’ll keep vigilant. Sometimes two of these beauties start cuddling together until luckily a snapshot is made for this pose. But soon and literally the time is near when glistering appear on the front water when the sunbeam gets closer to earth and we reach a higher level of warmth and the flamingos diligently go to the back space where it’s cooler.

You’ll suddenly want to get another perfect shot on this lustrous shine of salt lake water which is to be jealous about.

This is gladly not the only attractive and enjoyable experience but most likely the breath taken one. Fortunately this Willibrordus road continues to different bay sides, past the older renewed Catholic Church up the tiny hill ahead, which of course gets you there with the car. You can choose between your favorite beach, Daaibooi or Portemarie

It’s time to swim, snorkle or do some diving or just nestle in one of those beach chairs. Maybe ready for lunch-time and you can order something on the large veranda, while viewing the silver glitter on blue water! Lots of shades will be there with birds chirping around and you can stay until the glowing sunrise appear over the sea. But first you need to plunge in cool water which invites coming in. Your last remaining minutes is lazying around with a satisfied smile and sandy feet unconcerned while remind the morning walk looking at the pictures and all will end well for another day and to carry home those remembrances. Like the flamingos, by this time, they too have moved furthermore to the background until prepare to travel back to Orinoco lakes in Maracaibo where they belong, until again by tomorrows early light they are welcome naturally.

On top, overlooking a most beloved panorama of the lake area, a local like me crosses halfway going up the road-hill to end up in the area Tera Korra. A short cut.

Platform, rough coast-life Tera Korra

Tera Korra has an attractive overlooking platform at Northern rough coast with caves and red earth overlooking the San Pedro-vlakte.(platform) where former Indians lived but apparently with few drawings.
The neighborhood has an older and newer area which are row houses on cliff-structure, upfront, around and in Tera Korra with public houses. On the main road are older established family lands, wild vegetation and established small businesses like groceries, bakery, gas station, pharmacy, medical center and later a newly supermarket. In the central village and the inner agglomerated area are schools, community center, per-school, elder center, a usual but modern church to convene the community living there. Activity counts with one football field for sports and football matches and smaller insignificant walking spaces around for afternoon jogging and very nice renewed walking paths near the sightseeing platform.

A few artists, care-givers, teachers and other professionals carrying out their duties reside here with others having variety jobs facilities, but sometimes voices arise because of jobless situations and acknowledged drop-outs and need more specific research records on these matters. What Tera Korra seems to be having on existing poll in livelihood is complete rest, lots of breeze and all attractive cultural events around and spots to release stress. The only question to being asked is, will it be sufficient to accommodate the big youth group. That’s why offer creativity for the large upcoming youth is necessary.

We promote Arts Culture at Funark foundation center and sympathize with groups and work together – offer youth program plans to enhance artistically skills at after school activities. These arts abilities are necessary because it gives ultimate satisfaction to kids. Also it promotes their talented aspiration while give courage to finishing end product and succeed.

Funark ’89 registered Arts Culture foundation in Tera Korra, renewed its abilities and commenced three years ago in Bandabou and came with a plan to list different Creative endeavors and ask participants to work together byways of inviting outdoors artists/writers and performing arts and design projects for these Community centers in rural Bandabou plus work with indoors leaders. Or work on private projects.

Continue further into Bandabou we approach Soto village-district Sta Martha with principal Land house where a handcrafted project – works by handicaps-is situated. After passing this agglomerated area you’ll end up onto Klein St. Martha with a smaller picturesque Cultural house. This long road gets to the usual visiting beaches which are Sta Cruz, Lagun, Jeremi and Knip Bay.

Soto is a warm heartening area with its own character. and all facilities around. A big Community Center is resided here which is to be applauded for its big spaces for reunions and ability to organize various creative activities. The leaders in Soto are enthusiastic leading persons and are very open for new discussions and helping aid. As well the After school leaders thus in Tera Korra and Barber. Another village West Punt (ultimate point of island) will come along in later year to be able to attend the after-school activities there. We are actively helping promote the Creativity-part and so Funark started introduce demonstrating- and learning skills with different types of Arts materials and techniques in 2018.

The intention proceeded to visit other community centers and give better impulse when together we can make a difference making Creativity plans worthwhile and susceptible.

Soto the ancient little big hood

What stood out about working with children is that Soto has many Pre-schools with artistic little kids-grounds to be proud of. Like the play-ground from ‘Sentro preskolar’ amiguitonan di Hesus A Pre school belonged to Jetty Francisca – a calm, focused and oriented leader, assisting her founding resident with families’ good mood and positive thinking.; This younger lady stimulates and prepare the children on entering basic school by organize many early childhood programs. The focus is on having daring trust and help in every aspect to the development of little ones’ growth with programs stipulated according to the existed norms. Trainings are also given and these leaders get first aid prepare.

But lots of support is needed. Few organizations get financially aid so that the Creative part can continue with developed programs. If only sufficient materials can be present. On voluntarily basis we help going around with Funark Arts Creative skills.

One of helping offer was with organize a day with making masks; A stimulated subject before prepare the time for the parade of Carnival.

We talk about incorporating future projects with cultural digital exposures which in need for constant sponsors. Since insufficient financial means, the focus is still keep trusting on institutions or donating channels to get continue the Arts Cultural Projects. And we can gladly announce after these years that now in 2021 we are in line with 4 after schools to help attend in creativity and add digital Cultural exposure with.


The youth-agglomeration is huge – educative programs are necessary and it functions well for the growth and self-esteem. Drop-outs are present, and poor neighborhood are amongst as well to attend.

Uplift communities’ their abilities in Creativity gives joy and giving aid to elders as well. The aim is to their own prosperity and to make Arts/Craft their income. This can always resolve in an extra.

As you crisscross to another road like a local does, , you’ll reach in Barber village and Wacawa. Very important big surroundings with lots of activities celebrating Carnaval Parades and Seu the Agriculture Parade. You have the famous Sunday Market place there. And all surrounded areas are now stuffed with apartments and little resorts next to the normal traditional living.

On the whole, Bandabou is important because of its exotic areas/beaches which are business-like profitable ones, available and attractive to tourism industry;

Ongoing perspective on rural growth in Bandabou is announced on Furthermore, it will be equal important aside the Sports that Creativity also became the future social one as important to focus on. Young promising leadership in our society is stimulant to development of Creative Youth activities and maximize youth talents.

Since 2019 we uplifted our In-residence and started advertising to continue focus on the outdoor invites for this Funark center.

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Funark activities Bandabou

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