Hi, I am here, on one of the three ABC- most exquisite tear drops islands above Venezuela called Curacao (Korsow). The others are Bonaire and Aruba. We form the Lower Dutch Antilles (bon, Bonaire turned (’10)province Holland-BES)) together with SSS-winward (StMaarten-Saba-St.Eustatius (Saba and Statia also BES)) islands. I used to paddle  (by twin otter) between Curacao and Bonaire but now am working-living in  Curacao and involve myself  with Arts-writings  and  Culture and give workshops. Grooving  the country side called ‘Bandabou(w)’ gives me a trill. Feeling the cool nice breeze, a lot of romantic green spots to peak, creeks and mountains to explore, nature beaches to pitch yourself in or hear  the sound of water, antique houses with the free bird on top the roofs to indicate the past of slavery-freedom, splendid views and helpful crowd the oldies still around and above all ‘IT SMELLS SO ALIVE’ !  Exact the  Artist  need to inspire next to her scribbling pad.  A healing spot as well to heal, an all together  peaceful world we ought to keep preserving. REMEMBER PRESERVE WHAT’S YOURS !

unchain . Sight at tula museum-bandabow
unchain . Sight at tula museum-bandabow

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