With the drag for endless trying out
to protect and maintain for the rights of the child
constantly violation with turns in commissions
one shoved a mistake in beating off another representative
put in exile, defensively in other’seyes a cause against rights ofthat child put in law to prevent.

Must we drag on to believe ! From the comfort we fear cause a maximum representativeshown a blur here.! A discriminative act in front of the world as maximum leader declared this exampleof childishness ! An hilariouskind of play getting away someone because of a difference in color !

A. Holt

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Emancipation day and or Flag Day in Curacao 2nd, July 2015

In our Papiamentu (native tongue)and inside the ‘pueblo’,  people will always talk about ‘dia di bandera’ Flag day and not ‘ dia di emansipashon’, not Emancipation day. Only on the Touristic attractions menu for the outside world would Emancipation day annex Flag Day be mentioned; This somewhat confuses when in  countries' independency stands for Emancipation… Continue reading Emancipation day and or Flag Day in Curacao 2nd, July 2015